Key Board Members

Key Board Members

Mrs. Dinh Thi Anh Tuyet (Tuyet Dinh) President of Govenance Board, VietED Foundation
Email:; Mobile: +84-96-2703-911

Tuyet Dinh holds a master’s degree in business administration from the German Leipzig University and bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from the Hanoi National Economics University. Tuyet Dinh has had over 18 years of experiences in community empowerment, particularly with a special focus on microfinance delivery. Currently, she assumes the role of Vice President of Vietnam Microfinance Working Group as well as works as the Executive Director of VietED.

Tuyet Dinh has participated in the design and implementation of many development projects. She has attended multiple trainings and exchange programs to disseminate best practices in microfinance and its adaptation to Vietnamese context. She is also one of the founders and developers of an urban microfinance model supported by Save the Children. This was later was transformed into the Binh Minh Limited Liability Company – following the successful service company model of the ICICI Bank in India. With strong belief and commitment with community and social development, Tuyet Dinh and a group of experienced and dedicated professionals established VietED with the hope to expand access to services for low-income households and micro-businesses. The strategy of VietED covers three areas – Access to Finance, Access to Know-How and Access to Market, with Microfinance being a core strategy.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Ha (Ha Nguyen)
Director of VietED Foundation, Member of Governance Board
Email:; Mobile: +84-98-4036-998

Ha Nguyen holds a bachelor’s degree in Economic Laws from the Hanoi National University and a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the Hanoi Polytechnics  University. Ha Nguyen currently serves as the Deputy Director of VietED, as well as the Director for VietED’s branch in Quynh Luu District, Nghe An province. He has over 10 years of experiences in microfinance and community development. Ha Nguyen joined the urban microfinance project in Dong Anh, Hanoi (later transformed into Binh Minh Company) 9 years ago.

Ha Nguyen was highly passionate and dedicated to the project and was among the core leaders who were extensively trained in various operational areas of the urban microfinance model. During those years, he was critical in the implementation of market research, elaboration of growth model, formulation of policies and processes, etc following international standards from CGAP, MicroSave, etc. With the developing trends of the microfinance sector in Vietnam, Ha Nguyen has been responsible for the legal and institutional arrangements for microfinance operations, particularly in light of the building licensed microfinance institutions in Vietnam.

Ha Nguyen believes that Microfinance is one of the effective solutions to fight poverty and support poor households directly. With this belief, he joined to found VietED to realize the goal of becoming an independent and sustainable microfinance institution which can rapidly expand its services to target clients in the future.

Mr Nguyen Van Ga, Member of Governance Board, in charge of External Relations and Creating
Email:; Mobi: 091 338 2072

“I joined the founding VietED with a desire to change the sustainable economic and social benefits to rural people, particularly those areas affected by climate change.”

He is Dr. John Nguyen agricultural economics and MA in Sustainable Livelihoods for the agricultural products of Vietnam Agricultural Science Institute of Vietnam with Hanoi Agricultural University Hanoi. Nguyen Anh Ga is assumed the position of Deputy Chairman, Department of Land Use and Economic Fertilizer Institute of Soils and Fertilizers in Vietnam. Nguyen Anh Ga over 15 years experience in the field of research and development community.

He joined John Nguyen and chaired many state-level project geographical indications as collective trademarks and products: Fabrics Luc Ngan, Ninh Thuan grapes, Chestnut Chongqing, Shan Tuyet tea, etc. and research soil and fertilizer in the field of agricultural development and support people farming and suitable option for development activities and sustainable livelihoods. Besides he is also involved in research and planning the construction of soil maps and extent of pollution of the Red River Delta provinces.

He is also a person with experience and knowledge through training courses on sustainable management of trees round the rock slope, or the planning of agricultural crops based on the habits and skills of the local farming information through training and sharing experiences in Thailand, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands. With enthusiasm and commitment to community social activities, he joined John Nguyen founded the Center for Rural Development of Vietnam enterprises-VietED to create sustainable change for rural people.

Mr Ngo Hong Nam, Deputy Director of BDS Program, Member of Governance Board
Email:; Mobile: 091 568 9003

Mr Hong Nam has over 7 years of experiences working in the field of microfinance and development. He is one of the core members who were trained and experienced the operations of Binh Minh Company’s model. He was in charge of the Research and Development activities and testing new models and products. As a Deputy Director, Mr Hong Nam has spent most of the time to work out product strategies, marketing and connecting farmers’ products to the markets which are suitable to the organization’s operations. He is also a key official who participated in establishing and maintaining partnership with local authorities and related actors during the implementation and management of the project. He also takes part in the decision making process of the Company regarding the company’s business plan as well as policies through building up and sustaining the Documentation of the company’s Administration Guidelines.

He is always an initiator in connecting and exploring resources to build and develop new projects, including consultancy and experiences sharing about such non-financial products as business skills building and financial training for local residents and domestic and foreign organizations. Mr Hong nam is an enthusiastic member who strongly commits with the operations and longer-term orientation of the Organization, focusing on microfinance operations and capacity building in business skills and market linkage for poor and disadvantageous clients as well as small and medium enterprises in Vietnam. He is a co-founder of VietED Foundation.

Mr Hong nam has many years of experiences working in business sector at such positions as marketing and business management. He achieved bachelor degree in Business Administration and participated in many other short courses in the country and abroad, regarding microfinance and supporting services for enterprises’ business development.